Tree House Craft – How to Make a Tree House Model

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Are you interested in learning a tree house craft? Today I am sharing a tutorial on how to make a tree house model.
I made this craft for my special friend, named Kritika. She is cute, having a helping nature, and love handmade crafts so much. One day I felt that I should craft something creative for her, as she always helps me whenever required. Therefore, I decided to make a mini tree house craft for her.

Tree House Model

Tree House Craft Ideas: Video Tutorial

This art and craft idea can be best for school exhibitions. Watch the below video on making tree house model for school project:


Tree House Model for School Project - Required Materials

Materials Required to make house model craft for school project.

  • Drawing sheet
  • Cardboard
  • Tissue Papers
  • Newspaper
  • Colored Papers
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to Make Tree House Model for School Project : Steps

  • First, we need to make a round box. Cut out two circles from the cardboard and a 4 cm wide rectangle from the drawing sheet. The length of the rectangle needs to fit around the circle. 

Circular cardboard

  • Next, start gluing the rectangle around the one circle. 

wrapping around cardboard

  • Glue another circle on the top of the box.

round box

  • Cut another 7 cm wide rectangle from a drawing sheet and make a v-shape cylinder appear in the image. 

Cylinder shape

  • Trim the extra edges of the cylinder to make the surface smooth.

v-shape cylinder

  • Take the newspaper and cut various strips from it. The width of some strips should be equal to the height of the round box, and the width of other strips should be equal to the height of the v-shape cylinder. Make a pattern like a tree bark from the newspaper strips and glue them around the round box and cylinder.

paper pattern like tree bark

  • Next, color them brown. It gives a real look at the tree bark.

making stem of tree house craft

  • Paste the v-shape cylinder on the round box. After that, cut another circle out of cardboard but make sure the size of the circle is a little bigger than the top of the v-shape cylinder.  Next, paste the circle on the top of the v-shape cylinder. And then paste a tiny newspaper house on it. 

Making a tiny paper house

  • Color the house and make a boundary. 

Making a Tree House craft

  • Now its time to decorate the house with diy artificial grass around the round box and trees on the left and right side of the v-shape cylinder. Play the video to learn how to make a tree. 

Decorating Tree house craft

  • Next, we will decorate the treehouse with flowers and leaves. To enhance the beauty of the treehouse craft, place the mini teddy bear made out of tissue paper.

Tree House Model

I hope you liked this craft idea. Please share your thoughts via comments.

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