Pencil Holder Craft – How to Make Pencil Holder

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This article has brought a step by step tutorial on how to make a pencil holder for kids.

Before moving forward, I want to share a cute reason behind the idea of making a pencil holder craft with you.

I have a 5-years old daughter, Pahal. Being a notorious child, having a habit of not keeping pencils and erasers at their place after completing homework. 

Every time she sat for her homework, I had to look for her belongings here and there in the whole house.

One day, while looking for her things, I thought, why not create something to help her get rid of this habit.

Pencil Holder Craft

So I made an attractive & colorful pencil holder and gifted her. She liked the pencil holder so much that now whenever she studies, she keeps it along with her on the study table. Thereby it is easy for both me and her to find the things.

Pencil Holder Craft Ideas for Kids - Video Tutorial

Watch the below step by step video tutorial for making pencil holder craft for kids.


Items Required to Make Pencil Stand Craft

Following supplies are required to make pencil stand craft.

  1. Colored paper
  2. White paper
  3. Black Sketch
  4. Scissors
  5. Glue

Steps to Learn How to Make Pencil Holder

Step 1: First, we need an A4 size colour sheet. I have used a pink colour, but you can pick the colour of your choice.

A4 Size Pink Color Sheet

Step 2: After holding the colour sheet in hand, fold it in a cylindrical form as showing in the image.

Fold Color Sheet

Add fevicol to sheet

Step 3: After that, cut the extra paper from both the ends to give it a finishing touch.

Cut extra sheet

Cut Sheet

Step 3: Next, We will create a designer base for this cylindrical shape to make a pencil holder for kids. To create a designer base, draw three overlapped circles and cut the outer area as appearing in the image.

Making circle

Base creation

Creation of base

base creation for pencil stand

Step 4: Next, fix the base at the bottom end of the cylindrical shape with glue.

Fixing the base of pencil holder

Step 5: The pencil holder is ready, but we are creating this pencil holder for kids, So we need to give a funny look to this holder.

To give a funny look to the pencil holder, We will prepare googly eyes with pink and white paper.

Creating pink oval shape

creating white oval shape

Fixing googly eyes to the pencil stand

Creating googly eyes

Step 6: Also, make a footprint with a black sketch pen and smiley with a red colour sketch.

Pencil holder craft

Now, “Ball is in Your Court”.

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