How to Make Waterfall with Newspaper

Here I am going to share the idea of a beautiful newspaper showpiece – “How to make a waterfall with newspaper.” Before starting the tutorial, I am sharing a brief story behind Why I made this paper fountain craft.

My landlady has created a beautiful garden in a small area. All the things, such as grass, plants and flower pots, etc. in the garden were artificial, and they were giving a stunning look.

Still, she was missing something in the garden that could enhance the beauty of the garden. When she discussed the matter with me, I suggested that the water fountain would be perfect for giving a unique and splendid look to your garden.

Water Fountain

She liked my idea but said that it would be costly if I buy it from the market. I don’t want to spend money on it, as I have already done a lot of shopping.

Then I decided that I will gift her DIY newspaper waterfall showpiece.

Paper Fountain Craft - Showpiece Made By Paper

Items Required for DIY Newspaper Waterfall Showpiece

  • Newspaper
  • Fevicol
  • Golden Color
  • Glue Gun

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