How to Make Wall Hanging with Paper

Want to learn how to make wall hanging with paper? In this article, Gocrafta has come up with an innovative paper wall hanging craft.

First, enjoy a brief story behind this craft and then scroll down to learn to make wall hanging craft with newspaper through a step-by-step video tutorial and instructions with images.

We were discussing decorating our new house once we shifted there. My husband asked me to decorate a house creatively as I have an interest in art and craft.

I have made lots of creatives to decor my house beautifully, and wall hanging craft is one of them. This wall hanging, one of my best newspaper crafts gives an impressive touch to the wall.

How to Make Wall Hanging with Paper

Let’s start a tutorial on how to make wall hanging with paper.

Wall Hanging Craft with Newspaper - Video Tutorial

Play the below video to learn making newspaper craft wall hanging.

Paper Wall Hanging Craft - Required Materials

Following materials are required to make paper wall hanging craft.

  • Newspaper
  • Colored Papers
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Glue

Process to Make Newspaper Craft Wall Hanging

Step 1: Take a Newspaper, Roll it and make total 16 paper sticks.

Newspaper Sticks

Step 2: Take two paper sticks and glue them in parallel. Prepare total 6 stick pairs likely.

paper sticks

Step 3: Next make a grid using 6 stick pairs. Fix them with each other.

Newspaper Grid to make wall hanging

Step 4: Take a paper stick. Start rolling from one end of a stick and glue the roll in mid without reaching to other end.

Similarly,  prepare total 4 rolls. See the below image for reference.

Paper Rolls

Step 5: Now color a gird blue and rolls yellow.

Colored Paper rolls

Step 6: To make tiny flower pot, start quilling newspaper strips into coil.

Paper Strips

Step 7: Press the coil slightly between fingers and transform it into a cone shape. And apply glue on it to maintain a shape.

Prepare one more pot by following the same process and color them brown.

Newspaper Coil

Step 8: Fix yellow rolls in between a grid. Also, paste flower pots on a grid. See below picture for guide.

Arranging things to make wall decoration

Step 9: Prepare mini paper flowers and greenery. Arrange them on pot with the help of glue.

Paper Flowers and greenery

Step 10: Our paper wall hanging craft is ready now.

Paper Wall Hanging Craft

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