How to Make a Valentine’s Day Card

Today I am sharing How to make valentine’s day card along with the cute story behind this.

In my college time, I had a boyfriend, and since valentine’s day was just around the corner, I wanted to give some special valentine gift to him. But there was one problem that I didn’t have money to purchase it, and even I didn’t want any extra favour from my parents in this regard.

While struggling with this, I suddenly noticed a few coloured papers around my table, and with it, an idea of a handmade greeting card popped up in my mind.

Fortunately, I had all those accessories that could help me to create a DIY card for my boyfriend. So finally I made lovely heart shape greeting card for him.

valentine's day card

I was extra excited to know whether he likes it or not? Since I made this valentine card with only waste material and didn’t spend a single penny on it.

The day came, my first valentine’s date and he made it special with balloons and flowers. He even gifted me a fabulous dress, and this made me even more nervous about the gift. And for my shock, I gifted the card, and believe me, he became emotional and loved my heart shape card very much.

That’s why I am sharing my story and idea of how to make Valentine’s day card. You can also try this fabulous card on this valentine’s day for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or any your loved one.

DIY Cards For Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Video Tutorial

Things Needed for Making Valentine Cards at Home

  • White Sheet
  • Red Sheet
  • Red Glitter Sheet
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • Decorative flowers
  • Pink Stones

I hope you will enjoy this article and tutorial on how to make valentine cards at home step by step.

Please share your thoughts through the comments.

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