How to Make Paper Swing

In this Article, you will learn how to make a swing/jhula with paper step by step.

Before starting a tutorial, I want to share a small story about this newspaper craft in a brief.

My kid papal and my landlord’s child Sneha were playing as usual. Sneha had a lot of toys like swing, doll, etc. She was swinging her doll in the swing purchased from the market. My baby was crying for swing after watching Sneha. At the movement, I was not able to go market. So I thought that why not I should make the paper swing at home and also engage both the kids into my art and craft activity. They were busy entire day and enjoyed a lot by swinging a doll into a DIY swing out of paper

How to Make Paper Swing
You can use this paper swing not only for playing but also in decoration and school project models.

How to make jhula with paper - Video Tutorial

Materials Needed for Making Paper Ka Jhula

  • Newspaper
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • Colour

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