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In this article, I am sharing a tutorial on how to make a paper house. Besides, I am sharing a brief story about how this paper house craft idea comes into mind.

Paper house - School Project Model

My husband and I were living in a rented one BHK flat. One day, we were talking about purchasing a house in future. During the discussion, I asked my husband about his dream house. He shared his thoughts-

It doesn’t matter how big our house is, but it should have a small garden around it. There should be a slight shade section on the lawn where we can have a cup of tea on a cosy table and chairs. I loved his thoughts.

So on his first birthday, after our marriage, I decided to gift him his dream house made through art and craft.

Join me on how to make a house model.

Paper House Making craft for kids - Video Tutorial

Watch this video now and learn easily how to build house model for kid’s school project. Here I used newspaper for making model house for kid’s school project.  Hence, this is an affordable newspaper craft that can be easily made at home.


Things Required for Making Paper house Project Model

  • Newspaper
  • Cardboard
  • Fevicryl Colors
  • Paint Brush
  • Fevicol bottle
  • Scissors
  • Craft Foam Block (Thermocol sheet )

Steps on how to make house model for School Project

  • Take a newspaper and make straws of 10 cm long.

Take Newspaper

Make Straws

  • Make some 2 cm long straws to make wall above the gate. Also, create some 3 cm long straws to make the wall above and below the window.

Small Straws

  • Next, Glue these straws together to make a wall as shown in the below picture.

House Wall

  • Next, Make 3 other walls of the house.

House walls

  • Connect verticle edges of all the walls with glue to craft a room.

Glue walls of paper house

Crafting a room of paper house

  • Next, we will prepare some 18 cm long straws. Also, make 4 straws of 16 cm long.

Straws for roof of paper house

  • Glue all straws together to make a roof of house as shown in the below image.

Newspaper house roof

  • Similarly we will make a room for second floor.

Second floor of paper house

  • Next, we will make gallery railing with the help of 18 and 2 cm long straws.

Gallery of paper house

  • Next, we will make roof with the help of 15 cm long straws.

Newspaper House

  • Fix stairs and color the house according to your choice. Here I used white and brown color .

Color newspaper house

grass around the house

  • Make boundary wall around the house with the help of thermocol and 9 cm long straw.

house model with garden

  • This garden is still empty. So we will set up the table and chairs made from tissue paper in the garden to remove emptiness. you can click here to learn making table and chair.

Table and chairs

  • Next, we will make shadow around the table chairs.

shadow in house

paper tree and bushes

  • Finally, we fix the main gate.

Main gate of house

  • Now our paper house model is ready.

Paper house model

Now Its Your Turn,

I would like to hear from you:

  • Do you have any questions regarding this project?
  • Do you have any suggestions regarding this project model?
  • How many score (out of 10) you would like to give this newspaper craft?

Please share your answer in the comment box right now.  Your answer will help me to move in the right direction and to provide you more quality content.

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