How to Make Fake Grass for a Project – DIY Artificial Grass

Before sharing a tutorial on how to make fake grass for a project, I want to share how the idea of making DIY artificial grass comes into my mind.

One day, my neighbor came to my home, and she discussed regarding the school project exhibition that was going to take place in a week at her child’s school.

Her child was going to participate in that exhibition. So she wanted a favour from me regarding this.

I said, fine. I will help you to make a beautiful art and craft project.

We decided to make a zoo model for school exhibition. We crafted a beautiful zoo model & everything went fine. Still, there was a flaw that I observed. The DIY artificial grass, we used in the project model was not looking real or lively. We searched a lot, almost every craft shop in the market but were not able to find the DIY fake grass that looks real.

How to make Artificial grass at home

That’s when I sat and pondered on “How to make fake grass for the project models” within no time, an excellent idea clicked my mind, and I started working on it to make grass real. The fake grass for crafts gives it a new look to the kid’s school project models.

Video Tutorial on DIY fake Grass That Looks Real

Materials We Needed to Make Fake Grass for Models

  • Coconut rope
  • Scissors
  • Green colour

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