How to Make Candle Holder Out of Paper – Diwali Craft Ideas

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Today, I am sharing a tutorial on one of the best Diwali Craft Ideas, How to make candle holder out of paper,

Well Guys, Happy Diwali!!

I love all Indian festivals but Diwali is one of my favorites. It brings with it a lot of happiness and positivity. Preparations for Diwali start a month before it arrives. Children’s excited for new clothes, lightning everywhere, ladies for home decor, men for delicious food and snacks. To make this Diwali more amazing and exciting, I came up with a special Diwali craft idea for you guys.

Well, I know now, you guys must be very excited to learn how to make a candle stand. But before you enjoy the tutorial, I would like to share a little story behind this DIY Candle Holders craft.

How to Make Candle Stand

While Deepawali vacations were just around the corner, I thought of utilizing the time by trying my hand on digital marketing. It was a great learning and joyous experience for me. I not only study about digital marketing but also tried my hands at some creative art and craft activities. On the occasion of Diwali, we thought of celebrating the same by decorating the entire campus. I took part in the same and came up with a unique idea of mine to make some candles using newspaper, which will be recyclable and will be of no harm to the environment.

DIY Candle Holders - Video Tutorial


Items Required for Making DIY Candle Stand

  • Newspaper
  • Glue or Fevicol
  • Acrylic Colors & brush
  • Precious Stones
  • Scissors

Steps for How to Make Candle Stand

Step 1: Take a Newspaper and prepare 18 cm long and 4 cm wide strips.

Take Newspaper

Step 2: Now convert these newspaper strips into straws by rolling them with the help of any rod or simply by your fingers.

Start Making Newspaper Straws

paper straw

Step 3: Start making rolls from these paper straws. Append another straw with the help of glue when you reach the end of one straw while making the roll. Repeat the same process until we reach up to the desired size of the roll.

Start Making Paper roll

Pape Roll

Step 4: By following the same process we will make two more rolls. Rolls size should keep in such a way that one roll is bigger than second and the second roll is bigger than the third one. Look at the images for reference.

Three paper circles

Step 5: Next, make nine tiny rolls and give them leaf shape by pressing them with fingers.

paper leaves

Step 6 : Stick all leaves around the smallest circle with the glue. After sticking all leaves, It will look like a flower.

fixing leaves around circle

newspaper flower

Step 7: Take two other circles in hand one by one and press them lightly down with fingers and give them a bowl shape.

Giving a bowl shape to newspaper circle

bowl shape

newspaper ball

Step 8: Next Wrap the flower (prepared in step 6) with paper straws as appearing in the image.

Make boundary around flower

flower with boundary

Step 9: Color all the parts of the candle holder and decorate the flower part with some precious stones.

parts of candle stand

decorating candle holder

Step 10: Assemble all the parts with help of glue as appearing in the below images.

Assembling parts to make candle holder

All parts arrangements done to make candle stand

Step 11: Now your DIY Candle Holder is ready to use

DIY Candle Holder

Wishing you all a very happy, prosperous Diwali.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make candle holder out of paper.

As a Diwali gift let’s stay connected with and learn something new from each other. Keep on sharing your amazing ideas in the comments section and I will try to give shape to your ideas.

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