Paper Tree Craft – How to Make a Paper Tree

Today I will share a tutorial on “how to make a paper tree” along with a small story behind the idea of making paper tree craft.

One day, I was returning to my home after the job. Coincidentally I met with my school friend after a long time on the bus. We talked a lot; especially, we memorized our school time. During the conversation, We also discussed the topic of the School project exhibition. She shared that her kid named Ayan had recently participated in the school exhibition in which Ayan made the beautiful house model.

Paper Tree Craft

While elaborating the creation of the house model, she said that the purchased tree and grass were too costly & not realistic. This point touched my heart. Since we mostly use a DIY tree in school project models and art and craft decorations, I have decided to share the idea of making a tree out of paper to help all parents and kids.

How to Make a Tree Out of Paper - Video Tutorial

Supplies Required For Making DIY Tree

  • Newspaper
  • Fevicol
  • Green Color
  • Scissors
  • White Pen
  • Sketch Pen

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