How to Make a Fairy Swing

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Hey Guys, you are landing on this page that means you want to learn how to make paper swing. Here Gocrafta has brought a step by step tutorial to help you learn making paper swing craft easily.

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 Before we start the tutorial, enjoy a brief story behind this swing craft.

 My sister’s birthday was just around the corner. I wished to give her a special DIY showpiece craft. But at that time there was a lockdown situation in our city due to which I was unable to buy the required material to craft something creative.

I had only tissue papers, newspapers, normal paper and few colors. Initially, my family members said that you won’t be able to make any gift because you required more things for this.

 I thought a lot and finally decided to make a paper swing based on a fairy theme with the limited material. Here the paper swing craft is ready.

How to make swing with paper

I made this because my sister is like a princess in my life, that’s why I made this fairy swing made for her. When I gifted it to her, she said, Wow di… Thank you.

Paper Swing Craft Ideas - Video Tutorial

Play the video tutorial on paper swing craft ideas.



Required Items to Make DIY showpiece Craft - Paper swing

Following items required to make one of the best DIY showpiece crafts, paper swing:

  • Colored paper or white paper
  • Tissue Paper
  • Fevicol
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard box
  • Colors
  • Fake grass

Instructions on Making Paper Swing

Before we get to the steps on how to make paper swing, I would like to say one thing, that as it is a big project, it would be a little difficult to explain each & every step through images.

If you are an expert in art and craft, it is okay for you. But for beginners, It may be tough. So I would recommend them to play the above video for making this swing.

Now coming back from where we started, Let’s start learning:

Step 1: With the help of tissue paper and water (Just dip tissue papers into the water and give them the shape of the tree), craft trees as appearing in the images. After crafting trees, leave them for drying.

Tissue Paper

Tearing tissue paper and dip into water

making tree with tissue paper

Tree made out of tissue paper

Step 2: Repeat the same process and prepare branches for the tree. And then let them dry.

Making branches out of tissue paper

Step 3: Further, make a few veins for clinging around the trees and branches by repeating the same method. And then let them dry.

Veins of plants

Step 4: Dried Trees, branches, and veins are ready to use. Next, color the trees & branches brown and veins green.

Dry Tree and Branches

color tree and branches

Step 5: Use the cardboard box to make the base of the swing.


Step 6: Attach both the trees on the base with the glue. Look at the image for reference.

attach tree with base

Step 7: Stick branches with the tree as shown in the image.

tree with branches

Step 8: With the help of glue, Cling the green veins around both the trees and their branches. Take a look at the image for reference.

clinging the veins around tree

Step 9: Make swing by rolling the newspaper straws as appearing in the image.

Making Paper swing

Step 10: Next, prepare two string out of tissue paper to hang a swing on the tree. Along with that cover the entire base with DIY artificial grass.

string to hang paper swing

DIY Paper swing

Step 11: Next, we will attach two mushrooms of red color at the corners of trees. If you want me to make a tutorial for how to make mushrooms with tissue paper, please leave a comment for it. I will make a separate tutorial for it

Beautiful Mushrooms

Red mushrooms on swing craft

Step 12: Further, we will decorate swing with some paper flowers and paper leaves. Please leave a comment below if you need a tutorial for making paper flowers and leaves.

decorating swing with flowers and leaves

Step 12: Cover the swing base with green color paper as showing in the image

base decor of swing craft

Step 12: Lastly, make the fairy/doll sit on the swing.

Paper Swing Craft

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make swing with paper. 

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