Aquarium Craft Ideas – Aquarium Project for School

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Today Gocrafta brings one of the easy and amazing kids’ craft ideas – an Aquarium project for kids. This aquarium craft is so much fun to make and a great project model to teach kids.

The idea of making an aquarium project comes into my mind when my daughter was reading a story of three fish. She asked me to make an aquarium art and craft project for her. I decided to make it in a way so I can teach her how to make an aquarium model easy and quick.
I hope you will also enjoy my creative aquarium craft idea.

Aquarium for School Project

Kids can use this fish aquarium model for playing, keep it as decoration in the room, and also represent it as a school project model.

Don’t forget to name your fish & octopus when you are done!

How to Make Aquarium Model for School Project - Video Tutorial

Watch the quick video to learn how to make an aquarium for a school project.


Materials Required to Make Aquarium Project for School

  • Cardboard Box
  • Tissue Papers
  • Water
  • Colors
  • Googly Eyes
  • White Stones

How to Make Aquarium with Shoe Box - Steps

  • Take a Cardboard box and paint the inside of the box a turquoise blue color to give a water look.

Making Aquarium with Shoe Box

  • Next, you can decorate your aquarium according to your choice. Here are the elements we added:
    1. Stones: I made stones using tissue paper and water. Just take a tissue paper, scrumble it with your hand and dip it into the water and roll them in your hand to give a circular shape. 

Making Stones for Aquarium model

Prepare more stones with the same process. Next, let them dry.

Stones for Fish Aquarium project

Octopus: I have used tissue paper and water again only to make an octopus. 

First, we will make the head of the octopus. Take half of a tissue paper, scrumble it, and then dip it into the water and after that, move it between your palm in a clockwise direction to give it a circular shape.

To make the arms of an octopus, take a 1/4th piece of tissue paper and roll it normally as make paper sticks and then dip into water and move it between your palm in a forward and backward direction; after that, fold one end of the arm. Next, with the same process, make three more arms. and let them dry.

Making Octopus for Aquarium project model

When stones and body parts of octopus have dried, paint the stones a brown color and octopus a pink color. You can color octopus according to your choice. Next, glue the arms with the head of the octopus.

Stones and Octopus for Fish Aquarium craft

  1. Fish: Usually, people use paper fish in their diy aquarium model. But here, I have used a unique, easy, and creative idea to make a fish. That would be very easy for kids to make, and it enhances the beauty of the aquarium because of its 3D and real look. Click here to learn how to make a fish craft.

3d Fish for Aquarium model

  • Next, Glue the fish, stones, and octopus inside the aquarium box.

aquarium craft ideas

  •  Paste some white stones to give a bubble look in the water.

Give a water look to aquarium

  • Make templates for seaweed of different shapes on green color paper and then cut them.

Seaweeds for fish aquarium craft

  • Glue the seaweed to the bottom of your box.

Fish Aquarium craft model for school project

If you like this aquarium project model for kids, please share your experience with us. And If you have more suggestions and ideas please comment us. Gocrafta is here to share unique and creative art and craft ideas with you.

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